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My story

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     One of the most difficult things is to tell your story to others so that they can understand you. The challenge comes from the fact that you are living through the complex threads of your life yet you need to make it simple for the reader…

     My love story with art began in early childhood as it allowed me to express myself through music and painting. I was always attracted by fine arts as a method of alternative communication.

     I am an enthusiast and creator of art who has tangled through various fields as acting, singing, painting, psychology and even touched the corporate world. All my adventures led me back always to my true love: painting and interior design.

     For me art is a pure expression of the feelings that I have in the moment when I master my pieces. It is not about the technique or the currents or rules. It is my story  told to the world with good and bad moments, happiness and pain, courage and fear… in a visual way.

     Care to know me? Have a look at my work!

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